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Café Graciela
I tried the Panelita coffee at the San Francisco coffee festival - it was delightful in layers of flavors with a subtle hint of sweetness. I think this may be my daily choice for coffee going forward!

Soomin K., CA

Coffee on Table


Our History

Café Graciela traces its beginnings to Pijao, Colombia in 2022. And since our first day, we have stood out among the crowd as providers of excellence in a cup. As a family-operated and Afro-Colombian-owned business, our attention to detail has led us to receive a score of 87.58 from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in just our first year of operations. From the planting of the beans to your first pour in your cup we have become emblematic of the grace needed to make good coffee. And now, we want to bring the taste of Graciela to you.


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